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images of historical buildings PolandBuy pictures, images, photographs of former German areas of Polandpictures of churches, buildings, landscapes, cultural aspects of Polandnature and wilife photography - birds, wild boar, bison, otters, frogs!

Photography:  photographic images of any location in Poland.

Poland Poland supply images to the publishing market, design agencies, photo libraries, internet websites, and undertake commissioned work for individuals and companies around the world. If you can't visit Poland yourself or you would like professional images of any location or aspect of life in Poland, we can supply you with high quality images at very affordable prices.

To ensure the highest quality, high definition, images, we only use high quality Nikon digital cameras, which deliver outstanding quality images.

Our images can be delivered to you as email attachments; by downloading from our website (larger files); or for larger quantities of images on a CD, posted to your home address. Our images can be supplied as either TIFF or JPEG files. Prices for a single stock image start at just $ 25, and prices start at just $ 75 for a CD full of high quality digital photos of a typical village or town in the west of Poland.

Payment can be made in either US$ Dollars or Euros using credit or debit card trough Paypal; in cash by registered post; or for business customers by direct bank transfer.

Contact us for an exact price quotation for any subject and location in East Germany and the west of Poland.


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See examples of low definition versions of our pictures at: Photographs of Poland

Commisioned photographic work: By using our professional photographic service you can 'visit' any location in and purchase our images of virtually any Poland related subject without leaving the comfort of your own home. Commission us to travel to your families ancestral home town or village, and take photographs of the area for you. 

Our photographic libary includes thousands of unique stock images of hundreds of subjects including: storks, rare birds, mushrooms, wild boar, beavers, bison, nature, wildlife, village peasants, traditional farm workers, tractors, crops, forest, woodland, trains, buses, cars, houses, barns, shops, roadside shrines, churches, palaces, villas, farms, war memorials, roadside crosses, historic monuments, tombstones, graves, German, Polish, and Jewish cemeteries, Polish culture, religious ceremonies, rural landscapes and Polish women. Contact us for whatever picture you may need of Poland, and for whatever purpose you have in mind (personal or business use, publication in magazines, for use in film documentaries, internet websites, etc..

Some of the many towns and cities covered by our photographers include: Berlin, Cottbus, Forst, Frankfurt Oder, Guben (Gubin), and Schwedt in Germany. Barlinek (Berlinchen), Czarnkow (Czarnikau), Chojna (Konigsberg), Choszczno (Arnswalde),  Debno (Neudamm), Dobiegniew (Woldenburg), Drawno (Neuwedell), Drawsko Pomorskie (Dramburg), Drezdenko (Driesen), Gryfino (Greifenhagen), Goleniow, Gorzow Wlkp. (Landsberg Warthe), Grodzisk Wlkp (Gratz), Glogow (Glogau), Koscian (Kosten), Kostrzyn (Kustrin), Krosno (Crossen), Leszno (Lissa), Lipiany (Lippehne), Lubniewice (Konigswalde), Lubsko (Sommerfeld), Miedzychod (Birnbaum), Miedzyrzecz (Meseritz), Mieszkowice (Barwalde), Moryn (Mohrin), Mysliborz (Soldin), Nowa Sol (Neusalz), Nowogrod (Naumburg), Nowy Tomysl (Neu Tomischel), Osno Lubuskie (Drossen), Pelczyce (Bernstein), Pila (Schneidemuhl), Pniewy (Pinne), Pyrzyce (Pyritz), Poznan (Posen), Przelewice (Prillwitz), Rzepin (Reppin), Sierakow (Zirke), Skwierzyna (Schwerin Warthe), Slawa (Schlesiersee), Strzelce Krajenskie (Friedeberg), Stargard, Sulecin (Zielenzig), Sulechow (Zullichau), Swiebodzin (Schwiebus), Szamotuly (Samter), Szczecin (Stettin), Szprotawa (Sprottau), Torzym (Sternberg), Trzciel (Tirschtiegel), Trzcinsko Zdroj (Bad Schonfliess), Tuczno (Tutz), Walcz (Deutsch Krone), Witnica (Vietz), Wolsztyn, Wschowa (Fraustadt), Wolin (Wollin), Wolsztyn (Wollstein), Wronki (Wronke), Zagan (Sagan), Zary (Sorau), Zbaszyn (Bentschen), and Zielona Gora (Grunberg) in Poland, in the Polish provinces of Lubuskie (former Brandenburg and Neumark, Prussia, Germany), Western Pomerania (former Pommern, Prussia), and Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland / Posen, Prussia, Germany)

Former German names for Polish towns in brackets.



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